Myths about training agility

How often have you seen a coach put out hundreds off ladders , cones , hurdles and poles and guess what they are working on AGILITY!!!!!! You may even have been part off these types of sessions growing up as a young athlete , yes it looks good and it looks organised but the big question is does it improve soccer players agility?

Well the simple answer is NO

Agility is based more on a players cognitive decision making , it is based on reactions. Think in terms off a NFL running back dodging tackles from linebackers.

How does this translate to soccer , well here at Soccer T.I.P.S we use reaction / decision based drills to help truly improve our players agility.

Take this simple example - As the player is sprinting towards his target there are two colored gates RED and BLUE at the last second the coach holds up either a red or blue colored cone and the player needs to react make a decision and then change direction at full speed and go to the colored gate.

But do not throw out all your ladders and poles quite yet... this type of training can still be very effective for improving foot speed , strength and basic co-ordination skills.

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