Differentiated Learning

No shot, pass or movement is ever the same twice, all movements are subject to

fluctuations and athletes have to adapt and deal with them.

What is differentiated learning

Differentiated learning is a teaching method that forces the individual to constantly adapt

and deal with new sequences. The idea is to get the player out of their comfort zone, in

relation to soccer we use it to change certain movements which forces players to concentrate

and adds variety to practice.

One of the major advantages of Differentiated learning is an intensified reaction of the central nervous system which is highly activated due to the constantly changing sequences and


Below are some examples that can be used when working on shooting;

- Player shoots with one eye closed

- Shoots while making arm circles

- One arm raised

- Vary run up, skipping, high knees etc

- Shoot after juggling

- Use different size soccer balls

- Throw and catch tennis ball while shooting

Major performance increases have been achieved using a differentiated learning approach, it is well suited to coaching large groups, it also provides variety in practice and teaches players to react

quicker to unfamiliar situations in game settings.

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